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he same way, go●vernments can be con○nected with th○eir people a○nd thus servic■e their people bet◆ter, patients ◆health data from bi●rth are al〓l in a clou〓d for doctors to r■efer to, d〓ata of every mot○or vehicle is in■ a cloud for traffi○c police a◆nd hospita■ls to follow in case● of an emergency, an●d for insurance comp■anies to checkI■n order to○ achieve such a

◆connected dig○ital societ●y, the company◆ suggests cou●ntries around th●e world ■ make their I◆CT regulation l●ess restrict◆ive but more compre●hensive.The company ●says every country 〓should be buildi〓ng more digital infr■astructure to fu〓el a high q〓uality economic tra〓nsformation and l●ong-term, ■sustainable growth○."Data cent●ers and broadband ne■tworks are a vital p●art of the nat○ional information ●infrastruc〓ture. Huawei

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re◆gion seeking dram●atic developm◆ent, it is vita●l for them ○to use the levers〓 of policy■, to coordina○te on standards and ●to accelerate● infrastru■cture developments,■ said Zou Zhilei, ●president of ●Huawei's Carrier ■Business Group.Zou a◆dded that Hua〓wei is now a lead◆ing provider 〓of global ICT s◆olutions and the ◆company is ready ■to work with〓 all nations t●o develop their br■oadband capacity."Wi●th a developed b●roadband cap

a◆city, the futur●e society th●at Huawei descri○bed is a o◆ne with ubi■quitous sensors●, ubiquitous con●nectivity, and ubiq〓uitous intelligenc■e.Please sca■n the QR Code t◆o follow us on● InstagramPlease sc■an the QR Code t◆o follow us o○n WechatHua■wei keeps connecti◆ng to AfricaHuawei k●eeps connecting to■ AfricaHuawei● keeps connecting t◆o Africa05-03-■2016 15:27 BJTBy Mir●oslav Atanasov, 〓Ph.D., Renmin Unive●rsity of Chi●naSince Sh

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d expanded to Afr●ica in 199●9, the telecommu◆nications g■iant has opened ●training centers in ◆seve

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駉tivated Africans◆ to accept○ the company●'s initiatives in s〓mart phone dis○tribution and netw●ork infrastructure 〓development●. Huawei ha●s benefited ■from growt●h of the smart ○phone market in Afri■ca, which ◆raises deman●d for Big ●Data. The ●company sells ●at lower profit● margins in Africa●, but has risen ◆on stronger revenu■es due to

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te●lecomm infr○astructure● projects, acc■ording to anal■yst Jean-Michel Huet◆. While the United〓 States has express●ed cyber security co●ncerns over〓 Huawei's techno●logy, the Chi○nese company ◆has become a major ●competitor〓 in the African mark◆et. Huawei is com●peting

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